My name is Sarah.  I live in and love Montana.  Not too long ago I relocated to Montana City, both for love and a job (but mostly for love).  I appreciate so much of what growing up in Montana has had to offer me: a love of the outdoors and the activities that go along with (skiing, climbing, camping, hiking), that small town feeling, and of course the beauty of the open land, majestic mountains and amazing BIG SKY.

I’ve been obsessed with cooking and baking from the time I was a teenager.  Convinced I would finish high school and head straight for culinary school, then open my own restaurant, life had other plans for me.  Even so, the yearly subscriptions to Cooks’ Illustrated (a birthday gift from my Auntie) and the one to Bon Appétit (another gift to my mother) kept me intrigued, and I always find myself coming back to something food-related, whether it be playing in my own kitchen or spending countless hours reading cookbooks or scouting out new recipes online.

I definitely attribute my love for cooking to time spent with my mother.  Oh, how we looked forward to a new issue of Bon Appétit and the next new recipe we might try.  My mom was never one to follow a recipe exactly, and I’m certain both my sister and I have inherited that trait.  A pinch of this, a splash of that…Even now, my husband teases me about how a dish is never the same twice.  But hey, he’s not complaining.

As a single person, I took up baking in my tiny apartment to pass the time spent alone.  A “Cookies & Creme” cupcake recipe came to me by way of a desktop calendar, and the delightful treats became somewhat of a signature baked goodie within my circle of family and friends.

In any case, I have hopes that this blog will satisfy my need to write.  To cook and to write and to write about what I cook.  And share these passions with you, whomever you may be.

I’m no photographer, but with the help of a few photo-editing apps (Instagram for now) I’m hoping to share some decent shots with you here.

My husband Scott will serve as  taste-tester  the majority of the time.  Occasionally, the animals living with us (A large, ginger Golden Retriever, and three cats: one ginger, one Siamese, and one very old tabby) will get lucky and snag a morsel or two. (We’ve since added a Golden puppy to the zoo) And then, from time to time, I get to travel home and to visit Scott’s family and share my foodie creations with others.

I hope you’ll follow along as we travel back and forth across the state as well as some other far off places.

Stay tuned as I dive in to find my way in the food writing world. -OhSarahMT

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