“oh sarah”

“I can hear my Aunt Sylvia with laughter in her voice as she tells me about the latest antics of Jude, my very sweet 4-year old nephew…”

“I can hear my mother happily enjoying my latest recipe, or even just my telling her about it…”

“I hear my younger sister (soon to be mother of 3) telling me to stop being so dramatic about something…”

“oh sarah” they say…

They are my inspiration. They are my joy in life. They are my family.

And so, I begin (or rather, continue) this journey. For so long, I was so close to them. And now, a few hundred miles away, I’ve begun a new chapter in life. Together, with Scott and our zoo (3 very silly cats and a sweet Golden Retriever). They are still with me. Encouraging me. Teasing me. Loving me…

I find happiness most often in the comfort of my kitchen. Much of the time, I say “I would so much rather be home cooking or baking something.”

So for now, between work and (online) school, I try my best to carve out little moments to escape to my favorite room in the house. Scott wishes these moments were much more frequent of late. And honestly, so do I.

I would so much rather be attempting my first soufflé rather than writing a response to a discussion about the Interpersonal Divide. Speaking of, I really do have yet to attempt my first soufflé. All in good time I suppose. Perhaps that’s how I’ll celebrate finishing the semester.

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